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In this page we will have various educational and informational items relating to the Sikh Religon.

Please send any item that you think would be appropriate to go on this site and we will consider posting it on the site.

We could have this page further divided into 

* Religon and Education 

*Sikhs or Sikhism in News     

Department of Justice USA                    On Common Ground - Law Enforcement Training Video on Sikhism 
Khalsakids.org Sikh children facing harassment can find resources for help from a new website, reports India Journal. "Khalsakids.org” was launched after it was found that 75 percent of Sikh students in Queens in New York City face some kind of harassment, usually because of religious symbols they wear like the turban. The Sikh Coalition has launched the site to help Sikh children find others of their age to chat with. Teachers are invited to use the site to find out more about Sikhism. The site also documents hate crimes against Sikh children.
WWW.gurugranthdarpan.comPunjabi Translation of Guru Granth Sahib 
WWW.sikhnet.orgGood Site For info, Audio,Different Links
WWW.csjs.comBhai Chattar Singh Jiwan Singh Amritsar  for religious books
www.ggsacademy.comOfficial Prof Darshan Singh Khalsa Site, Lot of Kirtan available here
Sada Punjab  All Punjab Related Info, Music and Happenings in the US

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