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**MidSouth Sikh Sabha BYLAWS
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Current Mid South Sikh Sabha Gurudwara Committee 2013-14:

Sukhdev Singh Dhillon
Surjit singh Kamra
Dilbag Dhaliwal
Navjot Singh
Sammie Riar (Web)

Mid South Sikh Sabha Gurudwara Committee:
President-Dr. Gurpal Singh Bindra
Secretary- Surjit Singh Kamra
Balraj Singh
Simarjit Kaur Gill
Harwinder Pal Singh

Sammie Riar (Web)

 Past Mid South Sikh Sabha Gurudwara Committee:

Sukhdev Singh Dhillon - President
Tej Bikram Singh - Vice-President
Jasvir Singh Sunny - Secretary
Anupinder Singh - Joint Secretary / Treasurer
Satvinder Singh Rana - Treasurer

Sammie Riar (Web)

GBC Minutes 2012

August 6,

Also, as announced at the Mid-South Sikh Sabha GBM, nominations are invited for 2 posts in the Executive committee - the last date for submitting nominations is August 15th.  Nominations can be given to any of the current executive committee members or sent via email to this address.

Tue, 6 Nov 2007

Guru Pyaari Sadh Sangat Ji:
Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa
Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh
This is to let you know that Bhai Karnail Singh Ji has informed the Committee members that he will be returning to New York after our Kirtan on Sunday, November 11 due to personal commitments.  Bhai Karnail Singh Ji met with the committee (all 5 members were present) and conveyed his decision this past Sunday (November 4th).

 We would also like to let the Sangat know that Bhai Gurmukh Singh Ji of Jackson, MS will be performing Kirtan sewa at our Gurudwara Sahib starting with the Diwali function on Friday, November 9.

 If any Sangat member has a question about the above-mentioned announcements, please feel free to contact any of the 5 committee members below... 

  Dr. Gurpal Bindra- Ms. Rashpal Bansal- Mr. Surat Chatha- Mr. Sukhdev Dhillon- Mr. Sid Sawhney 

Please let us know in case of any suggestions/comments/issues. Sangat Da Das- Sid Sawhney

July 21,2007

A joint meeting of the incoming and outgoing committee was held at the residence of S. Pritpal Singh Bansal at 11:00 AM on Saturday July 21,2007. The members present included Mr & Mrs. Bansal, Dr. G.S. Bindra, Surat Singh Chatha, Mrs Neelam Bawa, Mrs. Sonia Marwah, Puneet Singh Kukreja, Surjit Singh Kamra . Also, present were Mr.& Mrs Bhupinder Singh Mander and Charanjit Singh Marwah. As you are all aware that M/s Marwah and Mander have put in lot of time and  effort in contacting the general membership for Gurdwara fund raising.

All present agreed that we need to raise as much funds as possible before the closing of gurdwara building. This will help two ways. (1) The larger down payment we can make, the smaller the monthly payment (2) We should have a cushion of six months of  Gurdwara expenses before we move into the new building. Based on this a goal of raising $90,000.00 was set.

Considering the limited time to raise funds, it was decided that members be divided in groups and each group should be assigned an area and all the groups should be working simultaneously. The following assignments were made:

S. Surat Singh Chatha   will contact members in Oakland and Jackson, TN area

Dr. G.S. Bindra    will contact members in Dyersburg, Union City and some members in Memphis area.

Surjit Singh kamra, Pritpal Singh Bansal, Mrs Neelam Bawa, Mrs. Rashpal Bansal will contact members in Little Rock, Tupelo, and some members in Collierville and Memphis area.
Charanjit Singh Marwah, Sonia Marwah, Bhupinder Singh Mander, Kiranjit Kaur Mander and Puneet Kukreja will contact Sangat members in Memphis area

It was also decided that Sangat members be encouraged  to ask their friends who may not be members of Mid-South Sikh Sabha for Gurdwara buiding fund.

After the meeting was adjourned a sumptuous lunch was served by Mrs. Rashpal Bansal.



Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa   Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh

The month of July is fast approaching and at this time of the year we ask the sangat members to volunteer for the next year Gurdwara Committee. The committee at present consists of seven members who have the following responsibilities:

 President Vice President Secretary Joint Secretary Treasurer Joint Treasurer Langar SewaThe number of committee members can be more or less than seven depending on the availability of volunteers and needs of the Gurdwara.

To serve on the Gurdwara committee, one needs to complete a membership form and pay yearly membership dues of $21.00. The membership form is enclosed. The completed membership form along with the membership dues can be mailed to the Gurdwara address (P.O. Box 381022, Germantown,TN 38183-1022) or you may personally hand it to S. Pritpal Singh Bansal  on Sunday Kirtan.
Completed form must be received by June
24, 2007. In case there are too many members interested in serving on the committee, we will hold an election and only those members who have already submitted the completed forms and sent the membership fee will be eligible to vote. Regardless of whether you want to serve on the committee or not we encourage you to become dues paying member. This will not only help the Gurdwara financially, but give you the right to vote on important Gurdwara matters.

Those members who are currently serving on the committee also need to complete the membership form and pay the dues to be eligible to serve on the committee next year or have the right to vote on Gurdwara issues.
Sangat Da Das
Surjit Singh Kamra

As per the General Body Meeting held in the gurudwara on July 11, 2004 (Sunday), we are providing you the following list of members for Mid South Sikh Sabha Gurudwara Committee:

President                                           : S. Surjit Singh Kamra

Vice President                                   : S. Pritpal Singh Bansal

Secretary                                           :  S. Gurpal S. Bindra

Joint Secretary                                  : S. Bhavneet Narang

Treasurer                                           : Neelam Bawa & S. Puneet S. Kukreja

Langar Committee Chair Person    : Dolly Suri

Wed, 4 Apr 2007

  Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa
    Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh

On behalf of the Mid-South Sikh Sabha, I am writing to ask for your help in bringing the teachings of our Gurus to the people of the Mid-South.

The Mid-South Sikh Sabha was founded in 1997 by a small number of Sikh families to provide regular Gurdwara services and also as an opportunity for the community at large to have exposure to the teachings of the Gurus. The Mid-South Sikh Sabha has been holding its regular divans for the past eight years in various locations around the greater Memphis area that were both able to accommodate our Sangat and that were financially affordable. The Sikh community has now grown to over 75-100 families and we are running out of places to rent that can accommodate our Sangat. We have therefore decided to build a permanent Gurdwara   that will not only fulfill the needs of Sikh families in the greater Memphis area but will also be a resource center for the Sikh families in Western Tennessee , Northern Mississippi , Arkansas and Alabama .

To fulfill this vision, the Mid-South Sikh Sabha has purchased a five acres parcel of land that is easily accessible from various major thoroughfares and is located in one of the more prosperous areas of Greater Memphis. The total budget for the land and building is approx. $1,000,000.00. So far the local Sangat has raised $300,000 and our efforts for raising more funds locally continue.
 S. Charanjit Singh Marwah and S. Bhupinder Singh Mander are approaching Sangat members to collect funds for the Gurdwara project. We are hoping that you will give generously to support the Gurdwara building project and receive the blessings of Sat guru. Please make checks payable to Mid-South Sikh Sabha. Mid-South Sikh Sabha is a tax exempt, non-profit organization and all donations are tax deductible.  M/s Marwah and Mander will be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding the gurdwara project. Also, please feel free to contact me for any other information you may need. 

Sangat Da Das

Surjit Singh Kamra


MINUTES OF MEETING (Monthly Committee Meeting) 


Date:                Sunday, Feb 20, 2005

Time:                3PM


Surjit Singh Kamra ji

Pritpal Singh Bansal ji

Gurbinder Singh Suri ji

Sukhdev Singh Dhillon ji

Jaspal Singh Bawa ji

Surjit Kaur (Dolly) Suri ji 


Agenda discussed:


*        Committee bylaws and maryada

a.       Sukhdev ji was asked to prepare the bylaws since these do not exist

b.       Sukhdev ji will also bring the sikh maryada to saad sangat

*     Vaisakhi celebration

a.       It was decided that the vaisakhi will be celebrated on April 24 with possibility of having Akhand paath.

*       Kirtan timings

a.       To stay same until further notice

*      Procurement officer

a.       S. Charanjit Singh Narang ji will manage big purchases as well as routine one

*        Bhai Amarjit compensation

a.       Will remain same until further notice

*      Children’s program

a.       Using 3rd Sunday for children program was proposed

b.       To approach Saad Sangat and get the consent

*      Gala Engineering Inc for Civil enginerring

a.       approved

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